Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Heavy duty paper shredders are designed to shred large volumes of paper on a daily bases. These shredders can greatly reduce your shredding cost of you are using a shredding service. The advantage to using a heavy duty paper shredder vs. outsourcing your document shredding is that you are sure your documents are being shredding according to (HIPPA) medical industry, (FACTA) banking industry and (GLAB) and government agencies (GSA – NSA/CSS 02-01 Specifications.

Our Destroyit Shredders are manufactured in Germany by MBM Corporation’s parent company IDEAL Krug & Priester. The Destroyit shredders are certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standards and meet the latest standards of Underwriters Laboratories for the US and Canada.

Many of our heavy duty shredders are chain driven with steel gears for slip free operations. They carry warranties of up to 3 years and a lifetime warranty on the cutting cylinders.

We have 2 types of heavy duty shredders, strip-cut and cross-cut. A cross-cut shredder shreds paper into confetti type material while a strip cut, cuts paper into long strips which can be used for animal bedding or packaging material.

The advantage to a cross-cut is you get greater security and you can get about 8x as much shredder paper into container. All cross cut shredders must be oiled on a regularly and to help you with the oiling we offer many shredders with automation oilers.

If you need help selection a heavy duty shredder call us at 800-304-6003 for a free shredder consultation.