High Security Paper Shredder

Not all high security shredders are the same. To ensure you are getting a top security shredder you should only pick one that is on the Evaluated Products List (EPL). The EPL contains high security destruction devices, which have been evaluated by the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA/CSS. Shredders on the NSA/CSS Specification High Security Crosscut Paper Shredder list meet performance requirements of the NSA/CSS.

Only use destruction devices listed on NSA/CSS EPL for classified applications.

The EPL shows the shredder and device name, model number, contract date for the distributor and or sales marketing agent contacts. To make it easy you can follow this link to Shredder-Depot.com to see our compete list of NSA/CSS approved paper shredders.

There are several to know before purchasing a high security shredder.

First, know is how much paper you will be shredding on a daily, weekly, or monthly bases.

Second, know is how wide of a feed opening will you need. If you are shredding older computer printouts you many require a 16” feed opening. High security shredders come in feed opening ranging from 9-1/2” up 16”.

Third, requirement is if you will be doing a lot of shredding with multiple users then you should consider a shredder with an automatic oiler. A high security shredder should be oiled after 30 minutes of usage.

Fourth, never put anything other than paper into a high security shredder.

Fifth, if my shredder needs service can my dealer offer nationwide service?