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Destroyit Shredder Oil

Destroyit Shredder Oil

Destroyit shredder oil is designed to be used with your strip cut and cross cut shredder.  It's a special blend, high cling, non-detergent oil formulated for use in Destroyit shredders. It is recommended that shredding wheels be oiled for every 30 minutes of operation for cross-cut shredders and for every hour of operation for strip-cut models.

If the sheet capacity reduces or after the shred bin is emptied oil the shredding mechanism. With a strip cut shredder, pour the oil onto a sheet making a large S from top to bottom and run it through the shredder. With a cross cut shredding pour the oil across the feed opening.

4 bottles, 1 pint each $59
8 bottles, 1 pint each $89
6 bottles, 1 quart each $109
4 bottles, 1 gallon each $189

Shredder maintenance is required by all shredder manufacturers. During our many years of equipment sales and support, we have found that the best way to care for your shredder is to oil your shredder's cutting heads regularly. Doing so has the following guaranteed benefits:

1. Life and performance of your paper shredder are increased

Paper chips and dust build-up, over a period of time, can limit your cutter's ability to rotate smoothly. Oiling the shredder regularly will eliminate any of the build-up and allow the shredder to perform at its best.

2. Frequency of service / maintenance calls is decreased

Oiling or lubricating the shredder cutters can free up any internal dust or paper pieces. The shredder will run smoother, faster, and put less strain on the overall motor, gears, and bearings.

3. Start oiling your paper shredder now. It's simple.

For strip-cut and cross-cut shredders, apply oil either directly into the cutting heads or onto a piece of paper to be shredded. Continue this application for at least 3-4 complete rotations. This should be done every time the shred bin is emptied.

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