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GSA Shredder Supplies

GSA Shredder Bags and GSA Shredder Oil 

To keep your shredder in top condition use the recommended manufacturer's shred oil and shred bags. We carry Shredder Oil for Dahle, Destroyit, Intimus and Olympia Shredders.

Destroyit shredder oil is a specially blended, high cling, non-detergent oil formulated for use in Destroyit shredders. It is recommended that cuttng cylinders be oiled after every 30 minutes of operation for cross-cut shredders and for every hour of operation for strip-cut models.

If the sheet capacity reduces or after the shred bin is emptied, oil the shredding mechanism. With a strip cut shredder, pour the oil onto a sheet of paper making a large 'S' from top to bottom and run it through the shredder. With a cross cut shredder pour the oil across the feed opening.

Shredder Supplies are available on the GSA Contract for Federal Agencies. GSA Contract offers Federal Agencies special pricing along with free shipping and no sales tax.

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