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How to Select a Paper Shredder

Selecting the right Paper Shredder for your needs.

We will help you evaluate your disposal needs and assist you in selecting the right paper shredder. Consider which people or departments will need a shredder, and how much material they currently throw out each day. You'll need to decide between strip cut and cross cut models. A strip cut paper shredder shreds documents into narrow, unreadable strips. They are low maintenance, high capacity and relatively inexpensive. For greater security, we recommend a cross-cut paper shredder, which shreds documents into tiny particles, making them impossible to reassemble. Plus, cross cut paper takes up less space, allowing you to empty the bin less frequently

Do you currently have a shredder?

  • Standard letter size paper 8-1/2” x 11”.
  • Wide computer paper 12-16” wide.
  • Video Tapes.
  • Other Products.


How frequently will you be shredding?

  • Daily.
  • Weekly.
  • Monthly.
  • Quarterly.
  • Annually.


How much will you be shredding each day?

  • Personal & Deskside shredders will shred up to 100 sheets per day.
  • Small Office Shredder will shred 100-400 sheets per day.
  • Office Shredders will shred 400-2000 sheets per day.
  • Department Shredders will shred 2,000-12,000 per day.
  • Commercial Shredders will shred 2,000-12,000 per day.
  • Department Shredders will shred 2,000-12,000 per day.
  • Industrial Shredders will shred 1,000 lbs to several tons per day.


What level of security do you need?

  • Security P2 (old security level 2) Used for shredding general internal documents.
  • Security P4 (old security level 3) Used for shredding sensitive internal documents.
  • Security P5 (old security level 4) Used for shredding confidential & secret documents.
  • Security P6 (old security level 5) Used for shredding extremely high security areas.
  • Security P7 (old security level 6) Used for shredding Top Secret COMSEC documents.


Now that you have all this information please feel free to call us at 800-304-6003 for a fast and friendly shredder consultation. We will be able to give you a recommendation for the shredder or shredders that will best meet your needs. 


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